Panguingue Rummy Games

Panguingue Rummy Games

Panguingue rummy game is also called Pan in short form. This game is always referred to as a gambling game between the players. The game is common in the Southwest USA and that is where the game is played the most. The game consists of four to eight players at a time in a single game. However, the only difference between this game and other rummy games is that this uses eight decks which are having very standard cards altogether. This is really different from the other games which use two decks and a maximum of three.

The making of the deal and playing are done in a clockwise direction by drawing the cards from the top and revealing them to the rest of the players in the game. The objective of this game is to create melds. The melds are same for all rummy games. The only difference from other melds for the other rummy games is that the sets of the cards may be different and the sequence of the cards may differ in a suit too. However, the sevens in this game are the special cards which create melds on their own.

However, each deck has fifty two cards therefore summing to a total of three hundred and thirty cards in one game. The cards may reduce to three hundred and ten if one of the sets is eliminated from the rest. This can go on till the cards remain three hundred and five only from three hundred and twenty cards. The rules of this game are available in the site. As a matter of fact, the rules never change from one game to the other. What changes is how the game is played, the number of players and cards respectively.

Just like any other rummy game, the Panguingue game can be played online from the website Moreover, you can get the software of the game and still play the game from your Android Tablet. There is software available for this game. This is unlike in the past where you had only to go online to play the game. You can also play this game online at Tiger Timing online. This game is open everyone in all walks of life. It is not limited to a particular group of people like other rummy games played in the world and is a lot of fun.

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