Quan Diu Rummy Games

Quan Diu Rummy Games

This is rummy game that is mostly played in Amsterdam by Chinese players. The game is played in clubs and other social groups that the players may be belonging to. In the Chinese language, the name of the game “Quan Dui” means complete pairs. This game, like all other rummy games in the world, can be played by six players in a single game. However, the number of players in this game is never given much concentration as the main objective is to have as many people joining the game as possible and actually leave between their own hands.

The cards that are used in this rummy game have a specific name (Dongguan) which is coming from the name of the country in the Dongguan province in the state of China. This is the country where the game is played in a larger extent and it has the most fans here. However, the pack of the game has a total of one hundred and twenty cards. The cards in the [pack are divided into three suits and similar copies of each card are always provided.

In making a deal in this game, the dealer has to do the shuffling of the cards. The idea behind the shuffling is to divide the pack of the cards into two equal halves. This continues until the shuffle is complete and the dealer can now draw the cards to the table for the other players. Something unique in this game is that the dealer goes in the anticlockwise direction, unlike other games where the dealer goes clockwise.

Playing Quan Dui is very simple. You got to go anticlockwise, discard the cards in a turn and leave for the other player to do the same. Discarding in this case involves placing the cards on the table in the way that the card is facing up for everyone in the game to see. The card that has been discarded as the last is the only card that is available for the other players to pick in that order.

Winning in Quan Dui comes where the game in going on and it happens that a player picks eight pairs of the cards and that he exposes the cards. This way you are able to win the stake that had been agreed on by other players when the game was starting. You can visit Rummy-Games.com to play Quan Dui online.

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