Indian Rummy Games

Indian Rummy Games

In India, rummy games are played by all classes of people in all walks of life. The Paplu is the commonly played rummy game in the state. The rules of the game are clear and playing the game is very easy hence favoring all people. Rummy games in India are played in clubs and other social gatherings such as parties and meetings. It is common to find housewives calling their friends just to play the games. This is no exception to the people who come out of job in the evening and feel that they need to play; it is always a good game for relaxing the mind after a busy day.

Rummy games in the India are usually played in very small stakes. Whatever the stakes are, the players find it a very interesting game and so they do not really mind the amount of money they have spent in playing the game. For those who still consider it illegal due to its gamboling nature, they prefer playing it privately at homes or in much closed environments.

The number of players in this game does not matter but it should not exceed ten people. As long as the players are fitting in the table, then they can play in the most enjoyable manner. The cards are the same in almost all rummy games. For a set of six players for instance, two decks of the cards are used. Three cards can be used alternatively for a larger number of players involved in the game. For all the decks, they consist of fifty two cards and one wild card.

To make a deal, you have to pick a cards at a random from the decks that have been shuffled properly. The shuffling can be done by any player in the game. The seating position in this game is determined by the value of the card. The higher the card the higher the seat you will get. The lowest deals in the game are expected to shuffle the cards. The objective of game is to come up with sets and runs of thirteen. The rules of the game remain the same for all the rummy games; the discarding is also the same. You can play this game online in Indian rummy sites such as There is also an Indian rummy game for the android tablet too.

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