Loba De Menos Rummy Games

Loba De Menos Rummy Games

The Loba De Menos Rummy games originate from the Latin America. The word Loba itself is a version that comes from the Latin America therefore leading to the name. These games are mostly played in Argentina and Central America. However, you expect to see people playing games in other parts of America provided they are familiar with the rules of the game and actually know how to play the game.

There are two types of Loba Rummy Games in Argentina. The Loba De Menos is the rummy game where the points to be scored from the cards come from the cards that are remaining in the hands of the players at the end of the game. The main objective in this type of Loba game is to have the least points possible before the game ends. However, this is the mostly played game in Argentina. Loba De Mas on the other hand is the game where the points which are scored arise from the various combinations that are created in a row. The target in this game is to get as many points as possible before the game ends.

In Loba De Menos, two to five players are required to play the game where like other rummy games, two decks consisting of fifty two cards each are used totaling to one hundred and two cards. There are four jokers in this game therefore adding the sum of the cards to one hundred and eight. The game can either be played for money or for free, if played for money then the players contribute equally to the stake and the winner gets all the money.

In order to make a deal, the player will draw a card from the rest and the chain goes to the left in a clockwise direction. Note that there are three parts in every single turn of the dealer. Drawing the cards from the top, putting down the cards which is often optional and ending your turn in making the deal. In order to score, you have to exhaust all the cards on the hand and if there are cards that are still remaining on the hands of the players, they are treated as penalty cards depending on the points that appear in each card. The values of the cards determine the score that you make. For instance, Ace always has three points.

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