MahJong Rummy Games

MahJong Rummy Games

MahJong is a word that originates from China. This rummy game is played in a greater extent in China and Japan. This is where the game has originated since the nineteenth century to date. Unlike other rummy games available in the RummyRoyal, this game is played differently from others. The game is played by the use of titles as opposed to cards, although occasionally cards are used.

MahJong consists of one hundred and forty four cards in total where there are three suits which have titles in them ranging from one to nine. The titles are usually colored differently in all the sets. For this case, only three colors; red, green and white are used..

However, some of the rules of the game never change. For example, the objective of the game is to draw and discard the cards respectively on the table in order to come up with a combination of fourteen cards or titles. The sets always have different pairs of the titles. You can find a set having a total of three in a pair. Winning in MahJong is very easy. You can win in this game with the aid of many hands which are having completely different variations altogether. For the cases where a player wins in the game just in a single suit, there is always an award of a bonus. The same is done for the winner who wins with a hand that is having dragon and winds at the same time.

The rules of this rummy game depend on the version of the game. This implies that the different versions got very specific rules. For instance, the rules that you will find in the game being played in Japan will be different from the ones you will find in the game being played in the USA. You can find very useful information regarding this game when you visit the Mah Jong FAQ. There are eBooks also available that have the same content. The information will help you learn a lot about this game and most importantly the rules of the game.

You can play Mah Jong online in the site This is the site where you will meet other players who are willing to play the game for money and therefore be able to come out with a good chunk if you win a good number of stakes.

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