Learn To Play At Game Colony Rummy Tournaments

Learn To Play At Game Colony Rummy Tournaments

Game Colony Rummy Tournaments are sponsored by the Gin Rummy Association (GRA); the latter organization is owned and operated by John and Lily Ann Hainline: two people committed to creating excellence when it comes to Rummy tournament offerings. The GRA hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year, including the World Series of Gin Rummy, the Fall Classic, and the Holiday Classic. Read on to learn more about where you can attend the tournaments, learn about rules and the organizational and points system for the Game Colony Rummy Tournaments.

Learn Where The Tournaments Are Hosted And How To Learn More

The tournaments are listed on the GRA’s official website by date, city, hotel and casino, and the tournament title. The tournaments are hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada in places like the Bally’s Hotel & Casino – Skyview and The Quad. On the GRA website, you can make hotel reservations right online if you plan on participating in the Rummy tournaments. You can also find out more about airline transportation. The GRA has a downloadable PDF file indicating the tournament rules for interested players. The site has a news section where you can find out about specials, deals on entry fees, non-smoking events, and recent news related to scheduled tournaments.

Learn How The Tournaments Are Organized And How You Earn Points In Them

The organization has a rating system for partnership tournaments, singles tournaments, free roll tournaments, and qualified satellites. In partnership tournaments, you get 50 points for every game you win in the finals, 100 points for making the finals, and 10 points for every game you win in order to qualify. In the singles tournaments, ten qualifying players get 200 points. In free roll tournaments, you get 200 points for first place, 150 points for second place, 100 points for third and fourth place, and 50 points when placing fifth through eighth.

Learn About The Fun Ways To Claim Points When You Play This Rummy Option

In eight Man Qualified Satellites, first place gets 40 points and second place gets 20 points. In four man Qualified Satellites, first place gets 20 points and second place gets 10 points. The player that gets the most points gains free entry into the World Series of Gin Rummy. If the player with the most points also wins the eight-man satellite, the player gets a $1200.00 award for doing so.

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