Playing Cash Rummy Games at BoDog Casino

Playing Cash Rummy Games at BoDog Casino

BoDog Casinos has a plethora of games, including Vegas Three Card Rummy. This site perfectly replicates the gaming experience one would have on the Vegas Strip. In BoDog’s Vegas Three Card Rummy, after you make a wager, the computer will deal three cards to you and the dealer. The dealer’s cards are put face down on the virtual blue table. Your cards are face up and you can see the values instantly. If you feel you have a good hand you can raise the ante in the game. Your hand has to have fewer points than the dealer’s hand in order for you to win.

Features of BoDog Casino’s Three Card Rummy

In order for the dealer to play a hand the hand has to qualify. This means that the dealer’s hand value has to be equal to or less than 20 points. When the dealer qualifies if the dealer’s hand value is lower than yours than the dealer wins the hand. If the dealer qualifies and does not have a winning hand, your ante and raise are returned to you. This computerized game will shuffle cards before every hand is dealt. The game comes with a bet button for wagering, a deal button for dealing out cards, and a raise button to increase your ante. If you decide to fold, you can hit the fold button to do so too.

Managing the Bonus Bet

This game has a bonus bet. You get the bonus bet if your hand results in a value of 12 or less. You are not in competition with the dealer’s hand for the bonus bet in the game. If you tie at any time, it results in a push. A hand that scores six to nineteen points gets the lowest payout at a rate of 1:1. A hand that scores one to five points gets a payout of 2:1. A hand that rates 0 gets a payout of 4:1. If you wager on the bonus bet and you get a suited run of A, 2, 3, you get the highest payout in the game that is equal to a 100:1. In the bonus bet, you get a 25:1 payout. When you get a score of one to six on the bonus bet you get a 2:1 payout. If you score seven to ten with a bonus bet, you get a payout of 1:1.

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