Playing Real Cash Rummy at Casino Splendido

Playing Real Cash Rummy at Casino Splendido

Casino Splendido offers Vegas 3 Card Rummy games for real cash play opportunities. The game relies on the use of a single deck of cards containing 52 cards in all. The object of the game involves getting the lowest score possible when you play against a virtual dealer. Small scores are achieved when you get things like suited runs, triples, and pairs.

In terms of scoring, when you play Vegas 3 Card Rummy at Casino Spendido you get the highest payout when you get a score of zero. The payout for a score of zero is equal to 4:1. If you get any score between one (1) and five (5), you end up with a payout ratio of 2:1. If you get a score of six (6) to 19, the payout rate is 1:1. You can use virtual chips to place your bets at this casino and chip values range from a little as $1.00 to as much as $200.00. The top prize in the game is $1400.00. What’s more, if you are a new player at the casino you can make use of a sizable Welcome Bonus so you can enjoy additional Vegas 3 Card Rummy games.

Accessing Vegas 3 Card Rummy

There are two ways to get the more than 500 games at Casino Splendido. First, you can submit an electronic submission form and register as a real cash player. Second, you can download the site’s casino suite and install it on your personal computer. You can play games for free as long as you desire since this site offers unlimited guest credits. If you plan to install the software on your PC to play Vegas 3 Card Rummy, you will need 1GM of memory, 10 GB of hard drive space, a sound card, graphic sound card, and a Pentium 2.4.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 3000+ processor.

The Perks at Casino Splendido

Casino Splendido has a payout rate of 96%. The casino relies on Microgaming technologies for all of its virtual gaming. The site has five (5) and three (3) reel slots in additions to Vegas 3 Card Rummy offerings. Along with the later, Casino Splendido has online progressives, video poker games, Roulette games, and Blackjack too. If you are looking for alterative table games, scratch cards, and fruit machines, you can enjoy all of the latter for free or real cash play.

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