Playing Rummy Games at Rummy Express

Playing Rummy Games at Rummy Express

Rummy Express is an online destination where you can enjoy playing Rummy games for real cash. The site hosts Rummy Tournaments on a regular basis. The tournament play involves two (2) to four (4) players in each game and it gives you an opportunity, not only to enjoy Rummy challenges, but to socialize with other Rummy playing fans. Rummy Express is a site committed to offering virtual Rummy gaming that closely emulates real life gaming experiences.

The tournament styles at Rummy Express vary. You can play Beginners tournaments if you are new to the game, but if you are a practiced player, you can play speed tournaments instead. The site hosts qualifier tourneys, Royal Stars tournaments, or you can play rebuy, guaranteed, payment, or added prize tournaments too. Tournament games include variants of Rummy like Rummikub, Rummy 500, and Kalooki or Kaluki as well as classic Rummy games. Thus, you can learn a brand new style of Rummy or you can play your long time favorite game.

Accessing Tournaments at Rummy Express

You have to register as a player at Rummy Express to play games. The site has multiple players in its tournaments and the prize is a pool that is split among winners. The site has a predetermined schedule for tournaments and you can begin entering into tournaments by entering the game lobby of the software application. Once inside the game lobby, you will see the name of the tournament, the tournament ID, the size of the pool you will play for, and the start time of the prescheduled event. You can also instantly see how much time you have left if you are interested in registering to play in the tournament. Inside the game lobby, buy in requirements and full details on the distribution of the prize pool are also supplied.

Registration for Tournaments at Rummy Express

When you are in the game lobby, click on the registration button for any tournament you want to play. Doing so reveals how long it takes to registration and the rules associated with tourney registration. If you decide to register for a tournament, you receive confirmation of your registration when you complete the registration process. If at any time, provided that the registration process is still open, you decide to cancel, you can do so as well. If you do cancel, your buy in fee is credited to your player’s account.

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