Playing Rummy at High Noon Casino Online

Playing Rummy at High Noon Casino Online

High Noon Casino lets you enjoy some fantastic Rummy games online. This site has Vegas 3 Card Rummy games powered by RealTime Gaming. The table design is realistic, colorful, and you will find the software application incredibly user friendly. The game has easy to use player tools and everything you need to place your wager is easily accessible. The betting area of the Vegas 3 Card Rummy table is clearly defined and game rules are written right on the surface of the table.

If you are seeking Vegas Three Card Rummy gaming with exceptional graphics rendered with an impeccable resolution and you like realistic casino sounds to accompany your game play, you will find exactly what you are looking for at High Noon. The table betting limits are listed in the upper left hand corner of the game window. The cards are easy on the eyes, attractively designed and practically leap off the screen with impressive realism. What’s really nice about the game at High Noon Casino is the fact that the game has a rebet feature making the act of placing the same bet over again simple and hassle free.

The Odds and Payouts

The odds in the Vegas 3 Card Rummy at High Noon Casino are available when you click on the “Rule” tab on the left hand side of the game window. The odds associated with a score of zero (0) are 4:1. The odds of a score from one (1) to five (5) is 2:1. The odds of a score from six (6) through 19 are 1:1. In terms of payouts, an Ace, Two, Three Run gets you the highest payout at a rate of 100:1. The second highest payout comes with a score of zero that gets you a payout of 25:1. If you score one (1) to six (6), you get a payout equal to 2:1. A score from seven (7) to 11 earns a payout of 1:1, but a score of 11 to 12 gets you a payout of 4:1.

About High Noon Casino

High Noon Casino offers many rewards for the online gambler looking to play real cash games. You can take advantage of a Welcome bonus as well as monthly bonuses at this casino. The site has everything from table games to video poker, and slots to specialty games. Online since 2004, High Noon Casino is committed to offering superior gaming.

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