Gin Rummy Tournaments Are On Way To Get Your Game On

Gin Rummy Tournaments Are On Way To Get Your Game On

Have you ever thought of engaging in some face to face gin rummy tournament action? Gin Rummy Tournaments are offered by Jim Hainline’s World Series of Gin Rummy; this is the only live tournament offered in the entire nation and will therefore appeal to the tournament seeking Gin Rummy fan. John Hainline and his wife own the Gin Rummy Association. John has won over twenty Gin Rummy tournaments and he, along with his wife Lily Ann decided to establish the association in order to ensure the offering of outstanding Gin Rummy tournaments for other gaming fans. The World Series of Gin Rummy is approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Read on to learn more about how you can be involved.

Learn About The Schedule And How To Make In Person Game Play

The association’s websites lists the tournament schedule and allows interested players to make airline and hotel reservations online. Any official news related to the association is listed right on the site’s home page and the news section is listed right beneath the latest tournament location and date information. Winners from the prior year are listed on the leaderbaord and the association chooses a Player of the Year to highlight on the website as well.

Learn About How Costs Of Tournament Play Are Divvied Up For Fees

Any fees associated with the Gin Rummy tournaments are divided up to cover part of the prize pool and other costs. More than 80 percent of all fees are assigned to the prize pool. Eighteen percent of the fees are used to cover awards, travel, web site fees, Internet fees, computer fees, staffing, trays, charts, phone calls, office supplies, stationary, postage, brochures, and advertising. If you want to become a member of the Gin Rummy Association, you can sign up for free online.

Learn How To Find Exactly The Rummy Information You Need On The Web

Along the navigation bar running down the left hand side of the screen, interested tournament players can find links about tournament information. There is downloadable pdf file for those players who want to find out about the tournament rules. The rules define the regulations associated with singles Gin Rummy Tournaments. If you are interested in find more Gin Rummy resources, the associations has a resource page where you can find more resources online.

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