Playing Buraco by Riva Software

Playing Buraco by Riva Software

If you want a great app for playing Buraco games on your mobile device, you can check out Riva Software’s Buraco app. Buraco by Riva Software requires an Android operating system of 1.6 or greater. Players on Google Play have downloaded the app between 10,000 and 50,000 times. The app has a file size of 1.3M. Buraco by Riva Software is a premium app with a cost of $1.99. Google Play lists the game with a Medium Maturity content rating.

Riva Software’s Buraco App Description

This Buraco app allows you to make a number of customizations. You can use Portuguese regulations, Italian Buraco rules, or you can play the game using International rules. This game allows you to create your own Buraco variant too. The app allows for two (2) to four (4) players to enjoy the game. The movement of the rounds can be counterclockwise or clockwise, depending on how you set up the game through the game’s options. You can play the app in Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode.

This app has a vulnerability option and you can open or close the discard pile. You can set the game’s total points to 2005, 3000, 5000, or unlimited. The game has several going out conditions you can establish as well, including no condition, need a dirty run, or need a clean run.

Additional Features

Buraco by Riva Software allows you to make the Joker wild by choosing the allow or disallow function through the game’s settings. You can disallow or allow groups as well. The Ace through King or the 2 through Ace runs can be worth 500 points. You can set the game to allow for Aces to go before a two, after the King, or in both value positions. You can allow of disallow Ace through Ace runs and you can set such a run for a value up to 1000 points. You can also disallow or allow half clean runs in the game.

This app allows you to change the color of the backdrop to one you find visually pleasing. The playing cards have blue and white or red and white backings. The fronts of the cards have full images and look realistic. The graphics in the app are colorful, crisp, and host a clean design. You can play the app in landscape or portrait mode.

You can get Buraco by Riva Software at Google Play online. You can also get the app at

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