Playing Classic Canasta by Alkahest Software

Playing Classic Canasta by Alkahest Software

Classic Canasta by Alkahest Software is a fantastic app if you are a fan of Canasta games. This app requires an Android operating system of 2.2 or greater to play it on your mobile device. Players on Google Play have downloaded the app between 1,000 and 5,000 times. Google Play lists the game with an Everyone content rating. You can get the app for as little as $0.99. The app has a file size of 187K and takes mere seconds to download to your mobile device.

If you want an app for playing Canasta that has an ultra clean layout, an unobtrusive, crisp style, and you are seeking an app that can teach you how to play the game, you can check out the app by Alkahest Software. This app is not only attractive, but it will appeal to the neophyte player looking to master the game. It is also a game that Canasta fans will appreciate if seeking an app that allows for playing this fun game on the go.

Alkahest Software’s Classic Canasta Description

This app lets you play Canasta against two (2) virtual players. You can also play against real players if you desire. The app opens with a bright and colorful green background. The playing cards have an abstract green background. The front of the playing cards host full, realistic images. Your hand is on the bottommost edge of the game window. Your opponents’ hands are on the left, right, and top of the game window. Your score appears in the upper left hand corner. The computer’s score appears on the right hand corner.

Additional Features

Classic Canasta by Alkahest Software has an options screen so you can set the game’s features to your own customized preferences. The app comes with a full explanation of how to play the game and the application gives you full details on how to use the game interface too. This app has the ability to let you scroll through the cards in your hand during a round too. Reviewers on Google Play give this app 3.1 out of 5.0 stars. Some players call the game “an amazing rendition of the classic game.” Other players insist the app is “fun and challenging.” This app requires no special permissions in order to use it.

You can get the app on Google Play. You can also download the app on

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