Playing TeenPatti Indian Poker by ibibo Web Pvt Ltd

Playing TeenPatti Indian Poker by ibibo Web Pvt Ltd

TeenPatti Indian Poker by ibibo Web Pvt Ltd is a free app compatible with your Android mobile device. If you want to play the game, you need an Android operating system of 2.1 or greater. Players have downloaded the app between 500,000 and 1,000,000 times. The number of downloads is a testament to the game’s impressive popularity. This free app has a medium maturity content rating. This app has a file size of 3.1M.

TeenPatti Indian Poker’s Description

This game is called Flash, Tenni Pathi, or Teen Patti and it is a popular Indian Rummy variant. You can download and install the game on your mobile device quickly. When the game’s menu loads on your device, you will see a dark green backdrop with four light green buttons. The buttons include the “Play Now” button, the “How to Play” button, the “Get Cash” button, and the “Feedback” button. Beneath the game logo on the menu screen, you can see how many active players are online and playing the game too.

The virtual table looks like a real card table in a casino. The table has a light green surface. You can see your opponents’ avatars in different positions around the table. The game has a chat feature so you can socialize with other players. The chat window will pop up in the left hand corner of the game screen. The graphics host a high resolution, rich color, and crisp, clean designs. This game is visually pleasing and the interface is intuitive. You can learn how to play the game quickly and enjoy hours of fun Rummy gaming on the go.

Additional Features

This app requires full network access in order to create and use custom network protocols and network sockets. The app has to read your phone status and identity so you can continue to receive and make calls while using the app. This app needs to delete or modify storage on your device’s USB storage. The app also reads your contacts, call log, network communications, and the app accepts cloud to device messages sent by the app’s service. The app controls the vibration feature of your device and it prevents your mobile device from going into sleep mode while you are using the application.

You can get this game on Google Play. You can also download the free app at

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