Playing Gin Rummy Premium by Pulado Games

Playing Gin Rummy Premium by Pulado Games

Gin Rummy Premium by Pulado Games is a premium app you can get to enjoy your favorite Rummy game on your Android mobile device. The app is inexpensive and only costs $0.99 to download and install. The gaming developer released the app in February 2013. You need an Android operating system of 2.2 or greater to play. Players have installed the game between 10 and 50 times on Google Play. This app has a file size of 9.5M. It has a content rating of medium maturity.

Gin Rummy Premium Description

This app allows you to enjoy a two (2) player game of Rummy on your mobile device. When the game begins, you get ten (10) cards. A single card is on the virtual table – it serves as the first card in the discard pile. The remaining cards in the deck become the stockpile. You can start the game by taking up a card from the stockpile or the discard pile. You then have to discard a card from your hand so that you only have ten cards in your hand. You can create melds of three (3) or four (4) cards of the same suit in a sequence or the same rank. The melds you create cannot overlap – this means you cannot use one card in two melds. Any cards remaining are deadwood cards. The latter cards have point values. An Ace is equal to one (1) point. The ten (10), Jack, Queen, and King are worth ten (10) points. All other cards equal the value on their face. You can know if you have a deadwood of ten (10) points or less.

Additional Features

Gin Rummy Premium by Pulado Games is available on Google Play for download. You can also get the app on This game has a leader board where you can play against your own rank. The gaming developer made the app using Adobe AIR. The app creator also created the game in partnership with Fupa Games.

This app has a checked light and dark green virtual table. When the game loads on your mobile device, full instructions on how to play appear. Your score appears in the upper left hand corner of the game window. Your hand is on the lower edge of the game window.

You can download the app on Google Play. Gin Rummy Premium by Pulado Games is also available on

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