Playing Nummi by 9 to 5 Development

Playing Nummi by 9 to 5 Development

Nummi is a game based on the popular board game of the same name. You can play this game on your mobile Android device against friends. Nummi by 9 to 5 Development requires an Android operating system of 2.1 or greater. This casual game is quite popular – players on Google Play have downloaded the game between 100,000 and 500,000 times. This free app has a file size of 2.6M. Google Play lists the game with an Everyone content rating.

9 to 5 Development’s Nummi Description

This app allows you to play the game with up to three (3) friends. The game is an Okey-like and Rummy-based selection. You can play it on your tablet or your smartphone. The game is also available for players looking to play games on their Apple device. In Nummi, you can create your own avatar and you have the ability to choose and add friends to play against. You can invite friends to chat and play games through the mobile app.

The object of Nummi requires that you be the first player to empty your rack in order to win. You have to loosen the tiles in the game by establishing sequences on the virtual table. The sequences you can create include a three (3) tile minimum meld. The numbers on the tiles have to be of identical colors and ascending numbers or you can establish melds with equal numbers and different colors too. Before you can adjust an opponent’s sequences, you have to have 30 points from the tiles in your rack. If you do not have 30 points, you have to pass.

Additional Features

Nummi has push notifications. The latter notifications include hurry up, new invitation, you lost, and your turn notifications. What is nice about this game is that it is completely up to you how you utilize the game board. The chat feature of the game allows you to chat while the game is on and you can play several games at a time.

The backdrop of the game is jet black. Your tiles appear at the bottommost edge of the screen. Notifications appear in the uppermost portion of the game window. The game has easy to use features allowing you to expand your rack and move your tiles around on the game screen.

You can get this free app on Google Play. The app is also available at

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