Playing Rummy 313 by Tablet-And-Droid

Playing Rummy 313 by Tablet-And-Droid

Rummy 313 by Tablet-And-Droid is a premium app available for Android mobile devices. The app is $1.99 to download. This app requires that you have an Android operating system of 3.2 or greater. Players have installed this app one to five times on Google Play. The gaming developer released the game on March 17, 2013. This app has a content rating of Everyone and a file size of 645K.

Rummy 313 Description

This app is a fun Rummy variant that you can play on the go. The game involves 11 rounds. You play the game against three (3) virtual opponents. The object of the game involves creating melds out of all the playing cards in your hand. A meld is a set or run. You can use a wild card to create a run or set in the game. With every round in Rummy 313, the wild card is different. This software is also ideal for tablets with a 7” screen. If you are using the app on an Android tablet, you need an operating system of 3.2 or greater.

Additional Features

Rummy 313 launches with a light green virtual table as a background. The playing cards have blue and white backsides. The front of every card has numbers/letters and images that are extremely realistic. In the lower right hand corner of the gaming screen is a small silver button that opens the rules of the game when you tap on it with your finger. You can use drop and drag features to move your cards to the discard pile.

If you tap the deck at the beginning of the game, the app deals out the cards to you and your virtual opponent. If you need to draw a card from the discard pile or stockpile, you can tap on the pile of cards to do so. This app presents text in the lower left hand corner of the screen delivering status information about the moves you make. If you want information about your scores or stats, you can click on the question mark icon in the lower right hand corner of the game window. In the upper left hand corner of the game screen, text reveals the current wild card for each round. Final scores for each round appear in the middle of the game window.

You can download Rummy 313 on Google Play. You can also get the game at

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