Playing Gin Rummy by JJPlay

Playing Gin Rummy by JJPlay

Gin Rummy by JJPlay is a multiplayer Rummy option allowing you to play against other opponents online. Gin Rummy by JJPlay requires an Android operating system of 2.2 or greater. Players have installed the game 500 to 1000 times. The game has a file size of 3.6M and the app is free for download. The app has a content rating of “Everyone.” You can play against friends on Facebook and you can challenge random opponents. The app takes mere seconds to install.

JJPlay’s Rummy App Description

JJPlay’s Rummy app has a match making system that allows you to play against opponents that have similar skill levels. You can view the leaderboards and compare how you rank against friends and opponents. This game does not require any dangerous permissions and all you need is Internet access. You do not have to register to play the game. If you desire, you can play the game in single player mode while offline too. You can therefore use this app to practice your Rummy playing strategies for hours on end. JJPlay’s Rummy app has a superior resolution so that it looks great whether playing on your Android device or a compatible tablet.

Additional Features

When the game loads a menu appears. The background is light green. There are three silver buttons in the menu including Multiplayer, Single Player, and Quit. When you choose a button ,your game window loads. Your hand appears at the bottommost edge of the game window. You get ten cards and your virtual opponent or live opponent gets ten cards. Each player starts with 1000 points. There is a button to take or pass on your first turn. You can then discard a card by clicking on the card you want to discard and clicking on the discard button. This game lets you play against random people, Facebook friends, and you can view high scores by clicking on the multiplayer button and the high scores button.

The cards in the game have a blue and white backing. Every card displays the suit, a letter or a number and card images. The cards are realistically designed and attractive. They are easy on the eyes too.

You can get JJPlay’s app free at Google Play. If you are looking for an alternative site to download this exceptional Rummy app for your Android device, you can get it at

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