Playing Indian Rummy by Octro Inc

Playing Indian Rummy by Octro Inc

Indian Rummy by Octro Inc is an Android compatible app that requires an operating system of 2.1 or greater. Players have downloaded the game between 10,000 and 50,000 on Google Play. This app has a file size of 14M. It has a content rating of medium maturity. The app is free to download to your device.

Octro Inc’s Indian Rummy Description

This app allows for two, three, four, or five players at a time. The game begins with thirteen cards for every player. This app works with 4 jokers and 104 cards or 2 full decks of standard playing cards. If the game involves five players, then the game relies on 156 playing cards and 6 jokers. You have to form sets and runs in the game. If you get the required number of sets and runs using all of the thirteen cards in your hand, you can declare your turn. You must have two runs. The First Life run must be pure. The Second Life run can be non-pure or pure. You have to have at least four or more cards in the First Life or Second Life runs.

Additional Features

This app has Facebook integration. You can play as a guest or you can log into the game with your Facebook user ID and password. You can play against virtual opponents or you can play against friends on Facebook. You can create a public or private room to play games in and you have the ability to invite your friends. You can choose the bet per point in the game. The interface of the game is clean, easy to use, and the gaming dynamics are smooth.

The game has thirteen avatars you can choose from before you begin playing. The game has a learn rummy tutorial for newbies too. You can learn about game rules or you can learn rummy interactively. You can read tips on how to pick a card, throw a card, or declare a card. The interactive tutorial is colorful and hosts great graphics. Once you choose a seat, the tutorial deals your hand. You play against a bot as you train your Rummy playing skills. You can create melds by drop and drag applications, and the game is user friendly. There is a button to rate the game too.

You can get the game free on Google Play. You can also get the game at

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