Playing Rummy by NikornSoftware

Playing Rummy by NikornSoftware

NikornSoftware makes a Rummy app compatible with all Android devices. You can use the app to play your favorite game against a bot. The app takes about ten seconds to download. NikornSoftware released the game on December 4, 2012. Rummy by NikornSoftware requires an Android operating system of 2.1 or greater. The file size of the app is 151K. Players on Google Play have downloaded the app 10 to 50 times. The app has a content rating of low maturity on Google Play, but gives the app a rating of all ages. According to, the app has a bestseller rank of 30,445. The app has a simple, clean style.

NikornSoftware’s Rummy Description

This app works on tablets as well as Android devices. What is nice about the app is that it requires no special permissions to run. In the game, the object is to form melds consisting of three (3) or four (40 cards of similar ranks. You can also form runs of three (3) or four (4) cards of consecutive ranks consisting of the same suit. Face cards have a value of ten (10). Aces have a value of one (1). All other cards have the value that appears on the face of the card. You can view the app in action and see the game as it plays too. You need to try to go out before your virtual opponent by creating melds with all of your cards and discarding your final card.

Additional Features

The app has a jet-black backdrop. In the upper right hand corner of the game window, you will see stats on the match and hand number. The playing cards have a blue and white backside. The face up version of the cards displays numbers/letters and images. The virtual dealer’s hand is face down. Your ten-card hand is on the lower edge of the game window. Below your hand is a “Take Up” button, “Take Down” button, “Meld” button, “Drop” button, and “Next” button. When you meld cards, you can click on them in sequence. The cards highlight in light green. When you click on the “Meld” button, it moves the set or run onto the virtual table above your hand. When the game concludes, you can view scores and totals.

You can get Rummy by NikornSoftware for $1.99 on Google Play. The app is also available on for download.

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