Playing Tranca Rummy by Riva Software

Playing Tranca Rummy by Riva Software

Tranca by Riva Software is a premium app available online for $1.99. The app requires that you have an Android mobile device with an operating system of 1.6 or greater to play. Players have downloaded the app between 1,000 and 5,000 times on Google Play. The app has a file size of 1.3M. Google Play lists the game with a medium maturity content rating.

Riva Software’s Tranca App Description

This game allows for two (2) to four (4) players. The app comes with customizable features so you can enjoy the game with your desired settings. The object of the game requires that you meld cards into groups or sequences. In this game, there are two (2) additional hands or pots. The two additional hands go to the player team once all cards are used in an original hand. The app allows for clockwise or counterclockwise movement around the game table while the game is in play. The app has difficulty settings too, including beginner, intermediate, and expert. You get a vulnerability option, an undo feature, and the app saves a game in progress automatically. This app allows you to play games with a total point per game of 2000, 3000, 5000, or unlimited points.

Additional Features

Tranca lets you control the features of the graphics that the app displays. You can choose how fast the game’s animations are and you can choose the background as well as the image that appears on the back of the playing cards. Melds are compacted making them ideal on a mobile device with a small screen. This app comes with dual orientation presentations too, so you can play in landscape or portrait mode.

The different game backgrounds include virtual wood backgrounds from lightwood to dark wood. The playing cards are attractive, visually appealing, and they are easy on the eyes. The card images are realistic. You can set the Joker card as the wild card in the game. You can allow or disallow groups with the app. You can also set the “going out condition” to no condition, need a dirty run, or need a clean run as well. Reviewers of the app on Google Play give the app 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. The app requires no special permissions to run on your device.

Tranca is available on Google Play for download. You can also get the game at

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