Play Free Indian Rummy Online

Play Free Indian Rummy Online

Indian Rummy is a game release by 7SeasEntertainment Limited. The game loads with a Flash based browser and requires no special software or download. Exciting music can be heard as the game launches in your browser. When the menu loads, you will see a colorful game logo in white, yellow, green, red, and blue. Below the logo is a deck of blue backed virtual playing cards and four buttons. The mouse driven buttons include play, help, more games, and high score.

When you play Indian Rummy, you and your virtual opponent will receive 13 cards. The objective of the game requires that you get all of your cards in your hand into sets or sequences. You can form a pure sequence consisting of three or more running cards in a suit. You can create a set consisting of three or four cards of the same value. Alternatively, you can create a sequence with a joker working as a wild to complete the three card sequence. To finish the game, you have to have created at least two sequences, one of which is a pure sequence.

When you start the game, you will see six boxes representing six tables you can play. You begin gaming with 2000 credits. This game has a demo you can use to learn how to navigate the Flash based application. You can see virtual avatars of your opponents all around the table and you will have 13 face down cards. You have to click on start to play. If you click on the sort button in the lower right corner, it will sort your hand by suit for ease of play. In the middle of the game screen are a closed deck, open deck, and a finish slot. You must click on an open or closed deck to begin play.

When you get cards that create a sequence, you can click on the Arrange button in the right corner to group them together. When you are ready to discard a card, you have to click on the discard button and the card you no longer want. You have to click on the open card pile to complete the discard action. Once you have the necessary sequences, you can place the finish card in the finish pile to conclude the game.

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