Rummy Blog Is Changing To Every Other Week Posting

Rummy Blog Is Changing To Every Other Week Posting

Hello there, and welcome to 2014. We wanted to share some news with you about our blog. Starting with today’s post, we will be going to an every other week schedule for posting new information about rummy games, casino gaming and cool online tips for those who adore this fun and popular card game. What this means is that you will received at least two fun new rummy category informational posts each month when you check back and read our blog.

Instead of once a week, we will bring you the same excellent, hot off the press, information you have been used to receiving every other week. You will learn about the many different types of rummy games. You will find out about the latest rummy card game released for you mobile phones, tablets, kindle fires, and mobile devices.

Every other week we will share fun information such as tips on how to play rummy games. What makes each type and style of rummy gaming different, and the best strategy when you are sitting the table with more experienced, and less experienced opponents. We will also share where you can play fun free casino rummy games online, as well as the best in online casino venues which offer popular three card rummy games and vegas style rummy gaming experiences.

You may wonder why we have decided to go down to once every other week content in February 2014, when we previously pledged to provide you with weekly content throughout this year. Well, like all things in life, our goals have changed. We still wish to provide you with the best information on the web about rummy that is out there. However, we think we can do this effectively with every other week posts going forward.

We hope you will continue to follow our rummy blog. We value your readership and enjoy sharing our online gaming experiences with you. We still game online each and every day – that hasn’t changed. However, we will be bringing you on the best online rummy casino venues, tips and strategies going forward due to our decreased publishing schedule. We will still have our posts go live on Wednesdays, so that remains the same. We do hope this makes it easier for you to keep up with the rummy news online, and wish you the best in 2014.

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