Enjoy King’s Gin Rummy Free Online

Enjoy King’s Gin Rummy Free Online

Gin Rummy is a free, Flash-based game developed by King.com. The game does not require special software to play. The goal of the game is to get 50 points before your virtual opponent does. The virtual opponent is a bearded, aged man, a young male with black hair, or a blonde woman. You each get a total of ten cards when the game begins. The hand is timed and you can see a countdown in the lower left hand corner of the game window.

You must try to make sequences of cards consisting of three or more cards. The virtual opponent’s appearance changes every time you play. The game plays music in the background. You can control the music and sound effects by making use of the buttons in the lower left corner. If you click on the power button, it will force the game to conclude. As you make sets in your hand, you have to chose a card and discard a card at every turn. You need to also monitor the cards that the virtual opponent discards – it can potentially clue you in on the cards the player needs to make up sets. You do not lay sets down once created, rather you retain the sets in your hand. Once your hand is made up entirely of sets, you can knock.

Since this is a timed game, if you begin to run out of time you will hear a warning. The nature of the timed game ensures that King.com’s Gin Rummy is fast paced, challenging and fun. As you play the game the cards are set against an outdoor backdrop. You can see rolling hills and houses. The scene sometimes changes to the backdrop of a city street lined with buildings or a beautiful, well-manicured suburban area. If you get enough points to beat the virtual opponent, you will see a knock button appear. Once you know, the word layoff will appear in the middle of the screen. Your score and the score of your opponent are then revealed. If the dealer wins, he or she is happy and laughing. If the dealer loses, he or she cries. If you run out of time, you nor the dealer win the game in play.

You can play King’s Gin Rummy free at GamesGames.com. You can also play the game free at Games.com.

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