Enjoy RealTime Gaming’s Version Of Vegas 3 Card Rummy Online

Enjoy RealTime Gaming’s Version Of Vegas 3 Card Rummy Online

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a virtual game with a professional, intuitive layout. The graphics are excellent in terms of quality and the game has equally fantastic sound effects. The layout of the game is clean, well-organized and easy to navigate. The gaming dynamics are smooth thereby lending to greater game immersion during game play.

When you play the game, you get three face up cards and the dealer gets three face down cards. You must try to get fewer points than your opponent – the virtual dealer or house. In order for the dealer to qualify, the hand has be be a value of 20 points or less. If the dealer qualifies, the Ante pays 1:1. If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante or initial bet, the raise, an amount equal to the ante, pays 1:1. In Vegas Three Card Rummy, a suited run is not comprised of an Ace and King. If you get a tie with the dealer, it results in a tie and you recoup your ante.

This game allows for an additional bonus bet that has different odds and payouts than the ante. The bonus bet still applies even if the virtual dealer fails to qualify. The game has generous table limits. You can bet a minimum of $1 per hand and a maximum of $100 per hand. The demo version of the game gives you $2000 in free credits to start.

When you play Vegas Three Card Rummy, cards two through ten are equal to their face value. Face cards like the Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10 points. Aces are equal to one point. Any pair, triple, two card suited run, and three card suited run host a value of zero points. Ante bet payouts vary. If you get a score of zero, you get a payout of 4:1. If you get a score between one and five, the payout is 2:1. If you get a score of 6 to 19, the payout is even money. The bonus bet also varies. An A, 2, 3 suited run pays 100:1. A score of zero pays 25:1. A score of 1:6 pays 2:1. A score of 7 to 10 pays even money. A score of 11 or 12 pays 4:1.

You can play RealTime Gaming’s Vegas 3 Card Rummy at Casinos-Online-888.com free. You can also play the game free at WinPalace Casino.

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