Play Aces Gin Rummy Free On Your Mobile Device

Play Aces Gin Rummy Free On Your Mobile Device

Aces Gin Rummy Free is an Android compatible app developed by Concrete Software Inc. This game hit the app market in April 2013. Aces Gin Rummy Free is rated for a mature audience due to the frequent and intense gambling simulations that the game presents. You can get the game in a file size of 30M, and it is available in version 1.0.5. You must have an Android Operating System of 2.3.3 or greater to play.

Aces Gin Rummy allows you to play games against eleven different virtual opponents. The characters are animated and fun as well. When the game loads on your device, you will see the software developer’s logo first. If it is your first time playing, the game will prompt you to choose your character. The characters include a well-dressed beaver, a Victorian woman, a suited cat, a blonde woman, a man with a monocle, a green eyed robot, a man in a top hat, a woman wearing chandelier earrings, a granny chic, a pig, and a skunk. You can set the game settings to easy, medium, or hard modes when you choose your character. You can also establish the win score by choosing 100, 150, 250, or 300 point.

Once you choose your customizations, the menu loads with a play button. If you tap on the button, the game will ask you if you want a refresher on how to play the game. Tapping on the check mark will reveal information about the game objective, melds, and deadwood. The goal of the game requires that you establish melds comprised of runs and suits while simultaneously getting rid of undesired deadwood in your hand. Sets are made up of three or four cards of the same rank.

Runs are made up of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. Any card that is not part of a meld is considered deadwood. The amount of deadwood in your hand is presented in points. Aces are one point, face cards are ten points and the remaining cards are equal to the value on the card. When the game begins you get ten cards. The game has a pause button in the upper left corner. Your avatar appears in the lower left and your opponent’s avatar appears in the upper right corner.

You can get Aces Gin Rummy Free at or Google Play.

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