How To Introduce Friends and Family To Online Rummy Gaming

How To Introduce Friends and Family To Online Rummy Gaming

For far too many people, their online gambling activities, such as rummy games, is a dirty little secret. Many of the online gamers I know hide their online entertainments from both friends and family and keep their betting and wagering activities a total secret. They live out their time online in a hidden world, secreted behind closed doors, and well, we think that is a bit sad. So, we thought we would share how to introduce friends and family to online rummy gaming, and gambling, with you, so that you can come out of the virtual closet and share your love of online rummy with those near and dear to you.

Online gambling is not shameful. It is something to relish and enjoy, and spread the news of. The simplest way that we have found to share our online activities with friends and family is through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you post a quick one liner with a link to the casino such as “Just won $500 playing rummy at XYZ Casino” then your friends will be applauding your win. This is a really simple way to gain congratulations and approval for your win, while sharing that you game online and wager on rummy. It’s an easy and effective way to come out of the gamblers online closet and share a casino with friends.

Another way to introduce friends and family to online rummy gaming is through email. You’ll note that both the social networking sites and email blast keep a distance from the naysayers. If they respond negatively you can always delete their post, or trash their email. However, you can earn rummy gaming friend referral bonuses for the friends and family who respond to your email.

One final way that we introduce friends, and family, to online rummy gaming is through an in-person card game night. While playing rummy with our pals we mention that we have taken it to the next level and are also playing rummy card games online. This is an easy way to get the conversation flowing in a positive atmosphere. After all, the people are already playing the game and are less likely to judge you harshly for enjoying it in an online gaming environment since you are playing with them face to face. What are your suggestions for introducing friends and family to online rummy gaming?

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