Rummy Is Wonderful For Family Gatherings

Rummy Is Wonderful For Family Gatherings

Family gatherings, reunions and other social events can often get boring especially if you do not drink or have an activity that the event surrounds. That’s why we always take a deck or two of cards with us to our family special occasions. You don’t need anything really fancy to keep the fun going at events such as these, just a good game of rummy offered up to the crowd can encourage hours of fun for the entire family regardless of age.

Rummy card games appeal to the young, the old, and everyone in between. That’s why we always take a few decks of cards to our family reunions. Whether the events are held inside or out of doors you can easily set up a rummy table whether it be on an actual table, or in a shady grass space beneath a favorite family tree. We like to keep the kids happy on their own turf, and have an adult game too where we can take some side bets and dares to keep it even more interesting.

One thing you can do to keep these family rummy betting events friendly is clearly outline the rules ahead of time. Let people know if they are playing traditional rummy, gin rummy or even Michigan rummy and if anyone is unclear about the rules you will want to state them in front of all players at the table.

Another way to keep it friendly is to limit bets to smaller amounts. To be certain, when you are holding that meld or run you may be inclined to bet the pot, or up the ante a solid $50 but we have found that limiting bets to $5 and under at family events can keep things pleasant. For one thing, it allows those with a lower budget to stay competitive and play, and it ensures that no one goes totally overboard in their betting and ends up unable to pay. There is no reason to sour a family event with what was supposed to be a fun game of rummy card play simply because someone can’t handle their gamble.

So, the next time you have a boring family event to attend, or even one you know is usually fun, why not consider taking a deck of cards? Or two, or three? Rummy is wonderful for family gatherings like that.

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