Are You A Member Of The Gin Rummy Association?

Are You A Member Of The Gin Rummy Association?

If you are a big fan of Gin Rummy you may want to check out all that the Gin Rummy Association has to offer players. The Gin Rummy Association (GRA) hosts the World Series of Gin Rummy each year. The GRA allows you to add yourself to their mailing list so you can become a member of the organization. There is an electronic submission form to fill out online so that you can be added to the list. The GRA is headed up by Director John Hainline and his wife and GRA Coordinator, Lily Ann Hainline. The organization is headquartered in Palm Desert, California. Read on to learn more about Gin Rummy and how the Gin Rummy Association can help your improve your game, or let you show off your skills.

This year, the World Series of Gin Rummy is hosted at various brick and mortar venues and the fees to join in vary as well. The site provides players with points for winning qualifying games and there is a leaderboard presented on the site that follows the game play. There is potential to win a free entry into the World Series of Gin Rummy and cash prizes for those who get the top points.

The site has special offers where you can save money on the entry fee for The World Series of Gin Rummy too. You can save money by referring new players to the site or you can earn credits for staying at specific hotels when participating in tournaments.

The following are typical fees to play in the tournament, but you should check the website for the current years entry expenses. You will have to pay the entry fee for the tournament in order to participate; a partnership tournament fee is $400.00 per person and a singles tournament is $1200.00. The site offers you a downloadable PDF document describing the itinerary or the four-day tournament. You can find out how to make room reservations, the room rates, and the deadline for making reservations.

The Gin Rummy Association website has Player of the Year details, photos of tournament winners from past tourneys, and complete information about the rating system that the organization uses. You can make your online reservations for a hotel or for transportation by accessing site links from the navigation menu. Check out what it can offer you today.

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