Enjoy Maxi Games’ Rummy Free On Your Android Device

Enjoy Maxi Games’ Rummy Free On Your Android Device

Rummy is a game app created by Maxi Games. This game app requires that you have an Android Operating System of 1.6 or greater to play. The file size of the game is 3.4M, so it installs in mere seconds. The game is available in version 3.1.2. Rummy has a content rating of Low Maturity on Google Play.

This game loads on your device with a small icon consisting of a blue backdrop and a hand of playing cards. When you tape on the icon, a menu loads on the screen. You will see the game title in red fonts. Beneath the game title, there is a blue, white, and red play button, setting button, and a button with an ā€œiā€ icon offering information about the game. This game is ideal for two players, so you will be playing against a virtual opponent. Each player receives ten cards. The game of rummy is played with 52 cards. Every turn consists of several parts. First, you must draw a card from the discard pile or stock pile. You can only take a card from the top of either pile. You must add the card you draw to your hand.

When you draw from the stock pile you will see the cards are face down ā€“ this gives you a slight disadvantage because you cannot see the card you will be pulling up. All cards on the discard pile are face up so you know immediately what you are getting if you draw from the discard pile. If you pull a card from the stock pile it is not known to your opponents. To conclude your turn, you have to take a card from your hand and put it in the discard pile ā€“ thus, at the end of every round you will only have ten cards in your hands. You must make sets and runs to get rid of the cards in your hand.

This game has smooth gaming dynamics. To draw a card, you just tap on it. To discard a card, you drag it to the discard pile. The game has a sort button you can tap to organize your cards with ease. Your virtual opponent changes with every game you play.

You can get Maxi Games’ Rummy app free on Google Play. The app is also available at AppBrain.com.

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