Free Beginner’s Gin Rummy That Will Have You Playing Like A Pro

Free Beginner’s Gin Rummy That Will Have You Playing Like A Pro

DragonSnare0’s Gin Rummy is a game ideal for single and multiplayer action. When the game loads in your browser you will see a green backed menu with three buttons. The menu controls are mouse driven and include “single player,” “multiplayer,” and “instructions.” This game’s simple layout still has attractive graphics so you can enjoy full game immersion as you play.

The goal of DragonSnare0’s Gin Rummy requires that you create sets of three or more cards or runs of cards with three or more cards of identical suit. Whatever cards remain after making sets and runs is called deadwood. Deadwood hands result in points that count against you in the game, so you want to minimize the amount of deadwood in your hand. After you get a set or run you can knock. When you knock the game concludes. Your hand is then compared to the hand of the opponent. The player with the least amount of deadwood wins. You can only knock if you have a deadwood of ten points or less.

In DragonSnare0’s Gin Rummy, Aces equal one point. Cards two through ten equal their face value. The Jack, Queen, and King have a value of ten points. When you enter the game, the cards are dealt automatically. You will receive ten cards in the initial deal. The dealer gets ten cards face down. The amount of deadwood you have in your hand is listed in the upper left hand corner of the game screen. There is a button in the lower left corner that allows you to sort your hand by suit. In the lower right corner, you can use the yellow button to sort your hand by value as well. When you have the ability to knock, a knock button will appear in the lower right hand corner of the game screen.

When the game concludes, a yellow box appears revealing the winning hand. You will see your cards staged in melds and the value of your hand. You will also have a chance to submit your high score if you desire. The multiplayer game has six rooms you can enter. Each room allows for up to 50 players to join in a single session.

You can play Dragonsnare0’s Gin Rummy free at The game is also available free on

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