Play Free Rummy Games With A Travel Theme

Play Free Rummy Games With A Travel Theme

Rummy Rush is a game release by Wingoz LTD. This game allows you to explore foreign locations from around the world all from the comfort of home as you play Rummy. Locations include Atlantic City, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and more. You can play with live opponents and work your way up the leaderboard in Rummy Rush. This game allows you to play a variety of Rummy variants too, including Canasta, Rummy 51, Gin Rummy, and traditional Rummy.

Rummy Rush requires access to your basic information as well as your email address when you play the game on Facebook. The app might post messages on your behalf, including bonuses you win as well as achievements you earn. This game comes with a tutorial where you can learn how to play the game in thirty seconds, so the game is ideal for beginners as well as skilled Rummy players.

If you play Rummy Rush daily, you can earn free bonuses by taking advantage of free spins. When the game loads you will see playing cards with the words “Rummy Rush” on the back. This game has a color scheme of blue and yellow. The cards look similar to real playing cards with the exception that the suit on the card is a single image. To begin gaming, you have to draw a card by clicking on the stock pile in the middle of the game window. To complete your turn you have to discard a card by clicking on the card you want to discard and clicking on the discard pile. Your virtual opponent then takes a turn.

Rummy Rush has a training session so you can practice play. The meld area is in the upper portion of the game window. You begin with 1000 free coins. There is a chat box in the upper right corner of the game window. The cards are played in the middle of the game screen. In the lower right corner there are buttons you can use to sort your cards numerically or in sets. In this game you can send virtual gifts to other players. The game has exceptional graphics and light, unobtrusive music that plays in the background as you play different Rummy games.

You can access Rummy Rush free on Facebook. Returning daily increases the daily bonuses you can receive. This game is a Facebook exclusive.

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