Play Betsoft Three Card Rummy At 10Bet

Play Betsoft Three Card Rummy At 10Bet

10Bet Casino features an exciting version of Three Card Rummy crafted by BetSoft Gaming. The game features attractive graphics, superior sound effects, and the combination of the two features ensures full game immersive possibilities. The layout of the game is intuitive and, it’s a Flash based application, so no download is necessary to play.

Betsoft’s Three Card Rummy features a round virtual table with a chip tray running along the upper edge of the game window. To the left of the chip tray appears the table card revealing the betting limits in the game. Behind the table limit card is a deck of playing cards with a white and blue backing. To the right of the chip tray is the shoe. The betting minimum in the game is one credit. The betting maximum in the game is 100 credits. The game is perfect for new and adept players alike. A set of rules are accessible via a help button for the new player looking to master game rules.

This version of three-card rummy makes use of a single deck of 52 virtual playing cards. All of the cards in the game feature the same value as if you were playing poker. The only exception to this rule is the Aces that have a low value. The cards two through ten are ranked at face value. Aces are always equal to one point on the game. Pairs, Triples, Two Card Suited Runs, and Three Card Suited Runs are valued at zero points. An Ace King Run is not considered a suited run.

In Three Card Rummy, there is an ante bet and bonus bet. You can wager by clicking on the betting chips and placing them in the appropriate betting areas. The chips are in the lower right corner in several denominations. You must place your ante bet, deal, and once cards are dealt, you decide whether to fold or raise. When you raise, a bet equal to your ante is placed in the bonus bet area on the table. In Three Card Rummy, when the dealer’s hand qualifies, the ante bet pays 1:1. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the raise bet results in a tie or push and the ante bet pays 1:1. In order to quality, the dealer must end up with a hand hosting a point value of 20 points or less.

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