Kingplayer Casino’s Rummy Gaming Options

Kingplayer Casino’s Rummy Gaming Options

Kingplayer Casino online is not just home to a fine array of casino games, but you‘ll also find some Rummy Gaming opportunities too. Many of the games on Kingplayer Casino are powered by BetSoft Gaming software, so you’ll find BetSoft’s Three Card Rummy is also available. The game is easy to use with simple mouse driven controls.

With BetSoft’s Three Card Rummy, you’ll find hours of superior Rummy gaming entertainment. You will have to register for an account in order to access the game. Once registered however, you can play in practice play mode or real cash. The game is available via a Flash-based application, so no casino software download is required for game access.

BetSoft’s Rummy has an attractive, intuitive layout. The table is designed to look like any other table you might encounter in a live, physical casino environment. The game comes with complete rules, which are accessible via an info button: this makes the game perfect for anyone looking to learn how to play as well as the adept Rummy player looking to gamble some money in an effort to win some cash. Betsoft’s Rummy is a game featuring a single deck of playing cards. The Rummy Games at Kingplayer have fantastic graphics.

The rules on the table indicate that the dealer must qualify. If the dealer manages to qualify, it means the ante will pay out on a win 1:1. The dealer can only qualify with a hand value equivalent to 20 points or less. The rules on the table also clearly reveal that an Ace King is not considered a suited run in the game. Once you access the game rules, you’ll find the cards are valued at face value for the most part. Cards 10 through King are worth 10 points. The Ace is only valued at one point. Pairs, Triples, Two Card Suited Runs, and Three Card Suited Runs all value zero.

The Highest Payout in the games at Kingplayer Casino occur when you get a Suited A, 2, 3 Combo on a bonus bet – when this happens, it pays 100:1 on your initial bet. If you end up with a hand value of zero on a bonus bet, it will pay 25:1. The third highest payout comes with a standard bet if you end up with a hand value of zero –it pays 4:1. In Demo Play, you get 1000 free credits.

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