Virtual Vegas 3 Card Rummy With All The Vegas Style

Virtual Vegas 3 Card Rummy With All The Vegas Style

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a non-progressive game meant to appeal to all player demographics. Microgaming graphics are stellar in every regard. The smooth surface of the Vegas 3 Card Rummy table is inviting, visually pleasing, and possesses a serious element of realism. The felt in the game display one set. The game makes the use of 52 playing cards. The minimum wager is one credit. The maximum wager is 200 credits. The chip tray, shoe, table board, table limit card, and the rules printed on the surface of the table, all come together to offer up one of the most impressive rummy games on the Net to date.

The game rules plaque is black with gold lettering, thereby eliciting an element of sophistication and class. In terms of point values, the Ace is equal to one point – the K, Q, J, 10 are worth 10 points, and the cards 2 through 9 are worth their face values. Any pair, triple, or run consisting of the same suit has a hand value of zero. All ante wagers will payout 1:1 on a win. The dealer must get at least 20 points to qualify. If the player is to win on a play bet, the dealer must qualify first. In the event the dealer does not meet qualifying guidelines, the player’s bet is a push. A tie ends up with a push on the play bet and the ante. Hand values of zero are ideal and have a payout of 4 to 1. A hand value of 1 to 5 pays 2:1. A hand value of 6 to 19 pays 1:1.

Chips are in the lower left corner in denominations of 1, 5, 10, And 25. A separate bonus plaque, also in gold and black colors, reveals bonus bet payouts. Bonus bets in this game are independent of the dealer’s playing cards. A suited run, which is a hand consisting of Ace, two, and three, pays 100:1. A hand value of zero pays 25 to 1. A hand value of 1 to 6, pays 2:1. A hand value of 7 to 10 pays 1:1. Finally, a hand value of 11 and 12, pays 4:1 on a bonus bet.

You can enjoy Microgaming Vegas Three Card Rummy free or for real cash at Casino Splendido. CasinoSmash is another website where gamblers can get in on Vegas Three Card Rummy games.

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