Join The Rummy Party And Win Wisely

Join The Rummy Party And Win Wisely

Rummy Party keeps the party going for real. As Rummy has been one of the most popular strategy games for decades, someone finally decided to create an awesome online platform for those who want to play and win together with their friends or with strangers around the world. There are more Rummy variants than you can imagine, and they are free to play. Plus, if you decide you want to play them for real money, they can get you some huge prizes you’ve never dreamt of. And yes, you can play them both for fun and for real money. But before you do anything, you must first register yourself at Rummy Party.

It’s true that the website has its own platform that can be downloaded, but this is optional. You can play Rummy directly from the website or you can download the software and play it from your computer without having to access the website. If you go to the Game Types category of the site, you will notice there are up to 5 different Rummy games available at Rummy Party: Rummy 40, Rummy 50, Rummy 51, Joker-mania 51, and Table-rummy. They are not complicated games and if you read the instructions once, you will understand what you have to do from your very first round. In order to win, you have to dispose of all the cards from the hand using certain combinations.

And because the platform wants to make things even more interesting for players, you should know that each of the Rummy variants mentioned above have multiple modes as well. You can see all of them explained in detail with all the rules, exceptions, and aims in the Game Modes page. All the available modes are: Deal 1 Party, 3 Party, 5 Party, Classic 5, Classic 7, 200 Freeze-out, 200 (R) Unlimited rebuy, and 200 (S) Second chance. For more instructions of the variants and modes, you can read the Game rules page that will make you understand everything.

The platform is operated by Rummy-Party Limited. In order to be able to play it from your browser, Flash Player or above has to be installed on your computer. You can access the games from Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and also from Internet Explorer. If you decide to download the software, you need to have one of the following operating systems on your PC – Windows Vista, 7, XP, or Mac OX 10.6 or 10.7.

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