Rummy Tips And Tricks – Sequences And Sets

Rummy Tips And Tricks – Sequences And Sets

When it comes to playing rummy games with an actual deck of cards in your hands or at online rummy casinos such as Gamehouse, Classic Rummy or Rummy Circle you need to know a couple of terms in order to succeed and win. Two of those terms are sequences and sets. When it comes to rummy rules and tips, knowing how to play this card game with sequences and sets is a must.

A sequence is considered to be any group of three or more cards that are consecutive in value and all of the same suit. An example of a basic sequence would be if you had all spades and they were the four, the five and the six of spades. A sequence is different than a set.

A set is made up of a grouping of three, or four, cards that all have the same value. However, a set differs from a sequence because the cards must be different suits. You can also have four cards in a set, but three or more in a sequence.

Sequences can be broken down even further for better game play understanding. In the rummy rules and tips for sequences apply to Pure Sequences and Impure Sequences. These differences are subtle but important in understanding how to play rummy. These terms apply in particular to 13 Card Rummy games.

A Pure Sequence is used with three cards that are consecutive in order and value but do not feature a Joker. Referring back to the example of a basic sequence, the four, five and six of spades would be considered a Pure Sequence. It is formed without the Joker in play in the lay down.

An Impure Sequence happens when your cards are a consecutive same suite play but you use at least one Joker. You can even use more than one Wild Card Joker in an Impure Sequence. For example, you could play a three and four of spades along with a Queen of Spades and use the Joker as the Wild Card to replace the Queen in this example of an Impure Sequence.

Learning terminology is something that can make playing rummy games online easier for players who are new to the game. Specifically, 13 card rummy games online use Pure and Impure Sequences, but the Sequence and the Set are two terms used in all forms of rummy both online and off.

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