Enchant Your Rummy Experience at Ace2Jak

Enchant Your Rummy Experience at Ace2Jak

Backed up by many years of experience with the Rummy game, the team behind Ace2Jack promises an exquisite experience for avid Rummy players. Not only do they give you the possibility to hone your strategy, but they have many types of Rummy variations available. There are thousands of users currently registered at Ace2Jack, and they are waiting for you at the lucky tables to play a Rummy match. If you want to bring your friends instead, that is even better because you will be rewarded for it. In fact, apart from Rummy games, you will also find lots of bonuses and promotional offers at your disposal.

There are three main games at Ace2jak: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Best of Numbers. Pool Rummy has two different variants – 201 and 101 – and Best of Number has another two – Best of Three and Best of Two. Out of all these games, Points Rummy is the fastest and the easiest one. Each match lasts only one round, and the winner gets the points of all the losing players. This is also the goal of the game, since the points carry a specific cash value each. The more points you have, the bigger your prize is. If you want, you can either play it with a Joker or without any.

In Pool Rummy, however, the goal is completely opposite. You need to have 0 or few points if you want to win. If you get more than 101 or 201 points (depending on the game variation), you lose. Best of Numbers Rummy is played with only two users in two or three rounds, depending on the variation. The goal is to win the most rounds over your opponent. If you wish to find out more about these games, to see videos about how to play them or to improve your strategy, check out the Rummy Rules page at Ace2Jak.

To win prizes for free in these Rummy games (without spending your own money), make a deposit in your Ace2Jack account and benefit from a 100% bonus. To make sure you get the free money, enter the code ACE2JAK after depositing. The offer is available only to new players. However, if you have already used it, you can start inviting friends to register and play at this website. When they become premium members, you will receive 1000 Rs. in your account immediately. Other than that, Rummy is a legal game, and you can have a lot of fun by playing it at Ace2jak.

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