Silk Rummy Is India’s Most Advanced Rummy Gaming Site

Silk Rummy Is India’s Most Advanced Rummy Gaming Site

Touting itself as ‘India’s Most Advanced Rummy Gaming Experience’ may seem like a significant risk or a big boast, but the evidence is in the game play and many loyal players from around the globe do feel this is not a boast but a fact. This site hit the radar of many online gamers in 2014, going on three years ago, and has continued to thrive ever since. Catering to a global audience of players aged 18 and up, Silk Rummy continues to be a one-stop rummy hub for many players around the world.

Players who register for a free membership at Silk Rummy will be able to engage in a variety of entertaining online rummy gaming experience for free play and for real cash money wagers. You will find the site hosts Free Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Points Rummy. Of course, they couldn’t tout themselves as ‘India’s Most Advanced Rummy Gaming Experience’ if they didn’t have traditional Indian Rummy on tap and you will find those games are available as well.

Silk Rummy offers generous welcome packages for new players who sign up as well as bonuses for loyal players who return repeatedly to play Free Rummy, 13 Card Rummy, and Pool Rummy or Points Rummy games. To help newbies learn about the several types of rummy offered at Silk Rummy, they also have a fleshed-out section on How to Play Rummy as well as a basic breakdown of the types of decks, numbers of cards used and basic overview of each of these four types of rummy games in easy to understand language that helps players learn the terminology used to play online rummy games successfully.

Silk Rummy also have a tiered program for what they call referrers and referees. These are the member who invites players through the “Bring a Friend” program and those who join from that invite. The site will provide members with a referral link that affords them eligibility to collect a referral bonus each time a friend joins to play free rummy games and real cash rummy games at the Silk Rummy site. Bonuses you can gain in this special friend referral program extend from 100 to 1000 rupees.

Be sure to claim your new player rewards when you register. The site does not require a special bonus code, and credits typically appear quickly. Then choose your rummy game and start playing.

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