Gin Rummy Strategy Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Gin Rummy Strategy Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Gin Rummy is a card game many learn as children. However, others have never heard of the game and come to it as adults. Gin Rummy isn’t just a game of entertainment. It requires skill, strategy and even math to be successful. Some people think it is too hard to learn. Online rummy games open up the world of rummy game play to many individuals.

In a two player Gin Rummy game there is a possibility of more than 15,800,000,00 possible ten-card hands. Still, it is not as difficult a game to play as you may first think. If you know certain facts of the game, you can strategize.

In Gin Rummy there are three-card melds of three of a kind. Three of a kind means three of a card such as three kings or three tens. There are exactly 52 of them in Gin Rummy. Another fun fact is that there are 44 melds which involve three cards in sequence in the same suit. For example, hearts numbered 7, 8 and 9. If you achieve a three card meld you are able to increase your odds of a sequence twice over.

If that was confusing, the good news is that online rummy games offer in game tutorials. These often show up under the Help button. Sometimes this shows up as a question mark in virtual rummy games. Click that button during game play for a quick how-to lesson on that specific Gin Rummy game. These online helpers are a boon for rummy players. When playing with a physical deck of cards memory is essential.

Memory is still a great skill for a Gin Rummy player. Memorizing potential melds in any given hand affords you an edge. Some established rummy players attend opponents discards while tallying their own possible hands. In online rummy games you are often playing only one virtual opponent. So, memory isn’t something you have to rely on as strongly. The pace of some online rummy games allows you to sit and think. At the physical card table, you are time limited.

Gin Rummy rules are easy to recall once you know them. Among online rummy experiences they do not change substantially. Tournament game play is different. In tournament play there is often a time frame and you engage in game play with many other players.

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