Play Vegas Three Card Rummy At Wild Jack Casino

Play Vegas Three Card Rummy At Wild Jack Casino

Wild Jack Casino is an online virtual casino. It allows players to download individual games. You must first register for a player account to gain access. Vegas Three Card Rummy is one of the single games you download to your compatible gaming device.

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a casino card game. It combines elements of both three-card poker and blackjack. Its unique method of scoring is what sets it up as a promising rummy game to explore online. In Vegas Three Card Rummy games the lowest score wins, just like when you play golf. However, online casino card games like this do not give you a handicap.

A fun feature of Vegas Three Card Rummy at Wild Jack Casino is zero value card combinations. They are specific options in game play. These combos help you remain the lowest hand in the game. Two and three card runs that get made up of the same suit fall into this category. If you are a poker player, this is equivalent to a straight flush made of two or three cards. This combination is worth zero points when you play. A pair also holds a zero point value.

Wild Jack Casino Vegas Three Card Rummy is a game that uses a standard 52 card playing deck. An Ace is always the low card with a value of one point in this game. All other cards score like they do in blackjack games. The number cards reflect their point value. Face cards have a scoring value of 10 points.

Ante Bets and Bonus Bets are both features of this game. The Deal icon starts game play. Both player and dealer receive face down cards. You get three. Once you look at your cards you choose Play or Fold as you would in a poker game. Full payouts are on offer in the help section of the game. There are also handy tips and rules built in if you need a refresher on how to play.

Wild Jack Casino offers players excellent new player bonuses are rewards. They also have generous perks for loyal players. Vegas Three Card Rummy is the only rummy card game on the site. This version is easy to learn to play. It offers considerable and consistent entertainment at a popular online casino venue. The site has a global membership.

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